Louis Nielsen

Trust, guidance, and personal contact

How is the cooperation with Conxion in general?
“Personal contact and chemistry are essential during cooperation. I trust Mette, and we have an open and good cooperation. It is important that the cooperation is built upon help and guidance – not a selling spirit,” states Chanita Christiansen, Local Marketing Manager, Louis Nielsen Ltd

“Mette has a close dialogue with the stores, so she keeps her finger on the pulse and knows what they demand. When I have challenges that must be solved, Mette and Conxion are always ready to help me. Mette is really quick to answer, and I am very happy about the cooperation.”

“Mette is good at giving bold ideas, and when I have input, Mette is ready to take it and investigate what is possible. It is super nice to have real cooperation and not a customer-salesperson relationship with a sales-John exerting pressure.”

It is easy, user friendly and clear

Why did you choose the Conxion Marketing Platform?
“Suppliers of marketing materials often contact us, but for us, it is important to have all of our marketing materials gathered in one place. It should be easy for the stores to approach because you need to remember that our partners – the ones handling our marketing materials in practice – are opticians interested in their profession and store, not marketing materials. Thus, it should be easy, user friendly and clear to approach and allow the stores to order when they have the time and the need.”

Brand control and overview

Which advantages do the marketing platform give the head office?
“Concurrent with the shop being easily accessible for the stores, we must be able to control what the stores can order centrally. We must ensure that our brand guide is complied with, and it gives both us and the stores safety and security.”

“In addition to the shop giving us brand control, we also have a clear overview of which and how many marketing materials we have in our range and what we need to buy. All gathered in one place.”

The Conxion Marketing Platform provides considerable cost savings

In theory, could you not have your web shop?
“If we were to investigate the marketing ourselves, produce ideas, purchase, and maintain a web shop, I would be spending too much time on marketing materials. I do not have to deal with all that when I only have to pitch an idea for Mette, and she will return with specific suggestions which we place in the shop, and it runs from there. The shop coordinated all for us, and we avoid spending much time on administration.”

“It would be a full-time job if I had to have my web shop and be responsible for the entire process, so the cooperation with the Conxion Marketing Platform as a solution frees a tremendous number of resources with us.”

About Louis Nielsen

Louis Nielsen is a nation-wide optician chain that since 1978 has grown from a single contact lens store in Aalborg until today, where it has 75 stores all over the country. In 2005 Louis Nielsen became a part of Specsavers, one of the three largest optician chains in the world.